Meet Kayla, Customer Support Manager

Kayla, Customer Support Manager What do you do? I've been working as a full-time Customer Support Manager for past 3 years. My greatest accomplishment is always giving great customer service while finishing my degree. What do you enjoy most working for NC Water Heaters? We are all treated like family and develop great relationships. ... More

Spring Tips to Save Money

Save Money and Time with Spring Tips from NC Water Heaters  Affectionally called the growing season, Spring is here! Make sure your home is protected and safe as the weather changes. Here's a few things to look out for this spring:  Leaking Hose Bibs Increased Root Growth Leaking hose bibs can be an ... More

INDY Week Best of the Triangle 2022

Best of the Triangle Finalist

Have you heard?! We are INDY Week 2022  best of the triangle finalist!! Vote now through May 8th for your favorite company and services.   NC Water Heaters 👨‍🔧 Best Plumber in the Triangle 👩‍🔧   NC Home Electric  ⚡ Best Electrician in ... More

Meet Lee, Licensed Electrician

Licensed Electrician at NC Water Heaters  What do you do? I have been working for NC Water Heaters for 3 years and helped launch NC Home Electric, our electrical service division  What’s your favorite thing about working at NC Water Heaters? the people I work with are awesome! What do you do for fun, outside of work? I practice ... More

Assistant Plumbing Manager

Employee Spotlight – Meet Brandon

Hey Brandon! What's your role at NC Water Heaters? I started working as a Plumbing Helper. I am happy to say 10 years later I am still working in the same industry, for the same company. I've grown a lot and am now the Assistant Plumbing Manager   What’s your favorite thing about working at NC Water Heaters? ... More

Incorrect Drip Leg

Drip Leg (Sediment Trap) for Fuel Piping

A correct drip leg, or sediment trap, installed What are they?  What is the difference between a proper and improper drip leg? A drip leg, or also commonly called a sediment trap, is used on fuel piping to prevent sediment, debris, and moisture from entering a gas appliance or fuel regulator.  Drip legs are ... More

Raleigh water heater repair

Water Softener Maintenance Guide: Lifetime Cost

When you opt to purchase a salt-based water softener you aren’t simply going to pay for the unit. Over the average 10-to-15-year life cycle of your salt-based water softener you will also incur three primary expenses: salt bags, routine maintenance, and the additional cost of paying for your water twice (once as it enters your home and once ... More

Response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

As stay-at-home orders are released in Wake and surrounding counties, and our trade divisions have the following guidelines in place. *We are considered essential personnel during this time and will be able to address your plumbing needs. * and Plumbing have additional protective measures in place. ... More


Tankless Water Heaters And Cold Weather

Will my tankless water heater freeze in the winter?  This is a question that comes up fairly often with customers who are looking a tanked water heater to a tankless water heater as well as those customers whom have already made the switch.    The majority of the most popular tankless water heaters on the market currently do come with a ... More

Rheem RTEX-AB7

How to bridge the gap between tankless and traditional tanked water heaters.

Alternate water heating solutions and tank boosters With the advancements made to modern water heating, we now have many more options than what was traditionally available for replacement water heaters.  Although tankless water heaters continue to become more popular there are often times when a complete conversion to a full blown tankless ... More