The Plumbys: Honoring The Internet’s Worst Plumbing

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As we wade into the depths of awards season, it seems appropriate that we honor the highest (lowest) achievements (disasters) in and create a stirring (terrifying) tribute to some of the most awe-inspiring (ok, that’s accurate) plumbing jobs we could find on the internet. We hope this motivates you to do your research when hiring plumbers and always considering letting the pros handle your plumbing needs. Don’t let these three happen to you!


Best Dramatic Plumbing Montage:

Hoist your golden plunger high, milani296! My personal favorite is the sink at the 10-second mark, because someone installed it, finished it, and said, “Yep, that’ll do!”

Best Mood-After-Getting-Toilet-Water-In-The-Face:

Honestly, this dad might be the worst plumber in his household, but he does get a ton of credit for laughing at himself even in the heat of the moment. Kudos, soaking wet dad!

Best Foreign Adaptation Of Horrible Plumbing:

Thanks to our friends across the pond, we now have documented evidence that it’s never a good sign when the person doing the plumbing has to take off his or her shoes as to avoid getting them wet…while plumbing…indoors.