Employee Spotlight – Meet Brandon

Assistant Plumbing Manager

Hey Brandon! What’s your role at NC Water Heaters?

  • I started working as a Plumbing Helper. I am happy to say 10 years later I am still working in the same industry, for the same company. I’ve grown a lot and am now the Assistant Plumbing Manager


What’s your favorite thing about working at NC Water Heaters?

  • Working with family and providing exceptional service at an affordable cost


What is your biggest accomplishment?

  • My daughter and my wife and the life we have


A few of your favorite things? *insert pic of one of these things*

  • Favorite band is enter shikari. Favorite video game is dysmantle. Favorite color is blue. Favorite food is mac n’ cheese and deviled eggs.


What do you do for fun, outside of work?

  • I love music and play the bass guitar



What’s something most people don’t know about you

  • I have a twin brother, Zach