Tank Booster

Tank boosters can be added to most standard water heaters.  The installment of a tank booster helps bring a constant, steady temperature of water to all faucets.  More

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5 Water Heater Safety Tips You Should Know

If you’ve ever taken a shower and enjoyed the warmth of the water trickling down your head, only to experience the frigid rush of the water turning cold after a few minutes – you understand that your water heater is an important component of your home! Tank water heaters are household/commercial devices that consist of a cylindrical ... More

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How Flood Stops Can Prevent Water Heater Leaks

The number of times the average Raleigh Durham area resident thinks about their water heater every year can likely be counted on one hand. Water heaters do not require a lot of upkeep, so as long as they are doing their job, and the water stays hot, they are out of sight and out of mind.   Over many years, water heaters begin to ... More

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Can a Water Heater Be Fixed or Repaired

It happened. You got in the shower expecting to be massaged with warm water and instead were greeted by an icy flow. Or maybe you’ve been hearing loud rumblings and noticing the color of your water getting a little rustier. Worst of all, maybe your tank is leaking or has ruptured, and you have a mess on your hands, or even water damage. ... More

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How Often Should I Have My Plumbing Inspected?

Homeowners should make sure their plumbing is inspected frequently. As with many things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and preventing major plumbing disasters on your property is well worth it. Even a small leak, over time, can lead to foundation issues, mold and mildew, rotten wood, and other expensive water damage. Avoid ... More

Raleigh Kitchen Remodel – Before & After

This post is from our sister website, NC Home Remodeling.  NC Home Remodeling in Raleigh is an expert at taking out-of-date kitchens and putting a plan in action to maximize the potential of the space. We always want to take into account the client’s vision for their kitchen, as well. In the case below, the owner wanted to remodel the ... More

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These Days, This Business Is Often a Tankless Job

Installing water heaters has, for many decades, meant hauling giant tanks around and setting them up in people’s homes. But, increasingly, it’s becoming light work. Rather than the traditional tanks of hot water, there are now energy efficient water heaters that heat water as you need it. This is an advantage on many levels, although ... More

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Is a Hybrid Water Heater Right for You?

New Year, New Water Heater This year are you considering replacing that old water heater that seems to be more trouble than it’s worth? The best new technology in the water heater world seems to be in the area of hybrid models. Just like many areas of modern life, the technology is advancing quickly and solving old issues that used to ... More

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How to Prepare Your Water Heater for Winter

In North Carolina, we are not known for necessarily being the most prepared when harsh winter weather arrives. Some now-famous pictures of the “snowpocalypse” of 2014 made Raleigh look particularly bad. But we do have bad storms many years, so it’s important for homeowners to take all potential hazards into account. Making sure your ... More

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The Plumbys: Honoring The Internet’s Worst Plumbing

As we wade into the depths of awards season, it seems appropriate that we honor the highest (lowest) achievements (disasters) in and create a stirring (terrifying) tribute to some of the most awe-inspiring (ok, that’s accurate) plumbing jobs we could find on the internet. We hope this motivates you to do your research when hiring plumbers ... More