Free Info Friday – Why should I consider a Hybrid water heater?

infofridayHybrid water heaters have become an excellent source for saving energy and money on your monthly electric bill. I am frequently asked how Hybrids work, and dispelling some common misunderstandings.

Hybrid water heaters are essentially electric water heaters that use a heat pump in reverse. There are no gas connections on the unit and they require the same electrical connections as any standard electric water heater.

When in normal use the hybrid water runs off the heat pump to draw warm air and transfer the heat to the tank. The heat pump draws a significantly lower amount of electricity than the heating elements of a standard electric. A standard electric water heater typically draws 4500 watts of electricity during it’s heating cycle. A hybrid such as the GE Geospring will draw as little as 550 watts. To put that in perspective, turn on 45 100 watt light bulbs simultaneously in your home vs 5.5 100 watt bulbs for the hybrid. That’s a huge difference with GE estimating an average of $365.00 less per year in electricity costs for the hybrid. Multiply out the difference in savings per year to average life span of a water heater and you will find that although the hybrid unit may cost a little more up front it actually works out to be cheaper than a standard electric unit.

There are some limitations when converting your electric water heater to a hybrid that should be considered. The hybrid units do require more space to install. They are taller and slightly bigger in diameter than a conventional electric water heater. The hybrid units do require air space and air flow to work properly. A condensation line will also need to installed, just as you would have on your HVAC unit.

Typically an on site consultation is required to give an accurate estimate to convert to a hybrid water heater. We can provide multiple options to help you determine the best water heating needs for your family and budget.

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